‘Stop the Drop: Five Ways to Grow Your Obituary Category’

11 a.m.-Noon Pacific next Thursday, Sept. 12

Presenter: Ron Speechley, Legacy

$35 for PNNA Members

Obituaries and newspapers: Once, these two always went together, and this relationship provided publishers with a powerful traffic driver and an unbeatable revenue stream. But today’s readers face unique economic

pressures, and they have new ideas about how to best announce and remember a death in the community. The result? Nationwide, obituary volume is down 19% and falling.

The good news: Obituaries are still the most visited section of every newspaper, and we have tools to turn that fact into more traffic and revenue. Using insights we’ve gained working with 1,500+ newspapers,’s Ronald Speechley will show you five easy ways to revitalize your obituaries (and their revenue potential).

You’ll learn how to:

  •     Strengthen relationships with your funeral home partners, with
  •     Unique options to encourage them to work on your behalf.
  •     Teach your readers why obituaries are important, and
  •     Make it easier for them to place one.
  •     Increase volume with creative pricing options, packages and formats.

Presenter Ron Speechley works closely with the newspaper partners in an effort to maximize the obituary category.

Prior to Legacy, Ron spent 20+ years working for SRDS and built many relationships with newspapers across the country.

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