The PNNA Foundation will provide up to three $2,500 internship grants in 2020 for students interested in careers with Pacific Northwest newspaper companies.

Application materials are being shared with more than 50 Pacific Northwest colleges and universities.

Students who seek internship grants must postmark their materials by Dec. 20. Get materials now (pdf)

This is a tight deadline, but your ideal prospect might be nearby and eager to apply.

Hiring managers at PNNA-member newspapers who seek worthy potential interns should contact their local campus journalism departments immediately. Potential applicants can be in newsroom, advertising or marketing.

Next steps: Find a promising student, endorse their application and make sure you can accommodate them as an intern.

Since 2013, the PNNA Foundation has funded 15 internships at PNNA-member newspapers.

Questions about how to make it happen for your shop? Please contact Joe Wirt at the PNNA office, (916) 288-6021.