Division Newspaper Place Category Name of Entry Writer(s) Judge’s Comments
A The Seattle Times 1st Deadline Reporting Several dead after Amtrak train traveling at 80 mph derails from bridge onto I-5 Staff An excellent, detailed account of an tragic event with regular updates, interviews with experts, data about the speed of the train, information of how to navigate I-5 closure, great maps ... overall, a stellar job that shows how important a daily newspaper with a trained and experience staff can be to a community.
A The Spokesman-Review 2nd Deadline Reporting Freeman shooting Staff Exceptional work by a small staff on a school shooting story. I liked the idea of focusing on the victims on the front page; the layout and photography were exceptional. Only missing element: I wanted to know more about the hero custodian who tackled and disarmed the shooter. But great work with an "all hands on deck" story.
A The News Tribune 3rd Deadline Reporting Amtrak train derails onto I-5 in DuPont. 3 killed, dozens injured, freeway shut down Staff Nice use of the web to break the story and get the news out then the print edition to give us details. Outstanding photography, best of all the entries I've seen. Great details, good info for residents and travelers, good first look at what might have gone wrong. I would have added a piece on what happened to all the motorists stuck on I-5; how did they get them out of there? But overall great job.
A The News Tribune 1st Debby Lowman Award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs Fight for your country, lose the bidding war for a house Kate Martin The winning story did an excellent job bringing to light an issue many people are likely unaware of. All entries were extremely well done and informative.
A The Seattle Times 2nd Debby Lowman Award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs Traffic Lab columns Jessica Lee
A The Oregonian 3rd Debby Lowman Award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs “Oregon Cooking Tips and Dining In” columns Grant Butler
A The Oregonian 1st Distinguished Coverage of Diversity Evicted Bethany Barnes, Beth Nakamura An interesting look at a problem brewing under the surface of the Portland's housing crisis. Most important is the third part that educates the community about what can be done to help solved the problem.
A The Oregonian 2nd Distinguished Coverage of Diversity Transgender health series Casey Parks Rich in detail, this story offers a compelling look into the life of a young man in transition. Sensitive and educational.
A The Seattle Times 3rd Distinguished Coverage of Diversity 'I felt so alone’: What women at Microsoft face, and why many leave Matt Day, Rachel Lerman Deeply researched series on the lives of woman in technology that shows their plight as well as offers examples of companies that are making progress.
A The Oregonian 1st Enterprise Reporting The Swoosh Effect Brad Schmidt, Jeff Manning An eye-opening exploration of how Nike has quietly - some would say insidiously - seeped into the financial and cultural life of schools in Oregon and across the nation. Considering the company's influence in Oregon, this is gutsy journalism.
A The Seattle Times 2nd Enterprise Reporting Suspects’ phones led Northwest investigators to carcasses in one of the biggest poaching cases they’ve ever seen Evan Bush Detailed reporting and excellent writing combine for a riveting story. A fascinating glimpse into the world of poaching and those who are relentless in attempts to stop it.
A The Seattle Times 3rd Enterprise Reporting ‘This is an urgent issue’: Seattle makes little progress on buildings that can kill in earthquakes Daniel Gilbert, Sandi Doughton A wake-up call to people in the Seattle area, framed with very strong visuals. In-depth reporting offering excellent context. Writing is clear; a topic that might have been mired in facts and figures reads cleanly and quickly.
A The Oregonian 1st Feature Writing The Loneliest Polar Bear Kale Williams Engaging from the first sentence. Excellent use of facts intertwined with emotional content. Great story telling: reads like a novel, with detail and suspense. Great pacing and description. The writing "shows" rather than "tells" major elements of the story, as it should. And the packaging and sidebars are superb. A highly creative and powerfully affecting way to turn a little "zoo" feature into a profound statement about the multiple impacts of climate change on both humans and wildlife. The commitment of resources to this project is stunning and the execution equally so. This is world-class work.
A The Seattle Times 2nd Feature Writing Will Mike Hopkins’ maniacal, tough-as-nails approach turn around Huskies’ program? Larry Stone Powerfully written, extremely well researched, flows like butter. Humor and pathos, too. A really excellent job.
A The Seattle Times 3rd Feature Writing ‘Holy cow, so the train is actually on the road?’ The wreck of Amtrak 501 Evan Bush Great take on a traditional "tick tock." Compelling selection of incidents and characters. Each segment engages and draws the reader deeper into the story. With each segment, the reader begins to care and worry about individual characters. A very powerful closing. Well done.
A The Seattle Times 1st Investigative Reporting Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused foster son, child-welfare investigator found in 1984 Lewis Kamb, Jim Brunner Superb investigation into a mayor's dark and disturbing past. Reporting was exhaustive, writing was crystal-clear, and every effort was made to provide balance and sensitivity. This entry, and others from the Seattle Times, show the paper continues to muster investigative reporting of the very highest quality. Bravo.
A The Seattle Times 2nd Investigative Reporting Behind Seattle’s government spending spree: a deluge of taxes, six-figure pay and officials eager to do more Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Beekman It's the investigative reporter's challenge to not only gather facts, but to present them with clarity and a sense of relevance. This series shows Herculean diligence in gathering vital information that should be alarming to Seattle taxpayers. But it also reflects great care and craft in assuring the information is accessible. A shining example of watchdog reporting.
A The Oregonian 3rd Investigative Reporting Fired but fit for duty Carli Brosseau, Rebecca Woolington The Oregonian deserves high praise for this series, showing that some cops, amazingly, keep on working despite a pattern of incompetence or abuse. The series reflects terrific reporting and fine writing. True public service.
B The Daily Herald 1st Deadline Reporting Arrest made in cold case Rikki King, Caleb Hutton This story was a fascinating tale and was well done. The writing was outstanding and it pieced together the case from decades past to the present. The fact that new technologies are aiding in cases like this is also fascinating to the readers. It was also pleasing to have all of the artwork with the story. This was by far the best in this category - and it was obvious the family had some sense of closure.
B Tri-City Herald 2nd Deadline Reporting Astronomers at Hanford detect new galactic collision Annette Cary This story is a prime example of why local news matters so much. Even though the story is about something much larger than even this planet, it shows that local people doing great work make a difference for us all. This was a first-class story with great artwork to illustrate the subject matter.
B The Daily Astorian 3rd Deadline Reporting Rope and rescue team saves stranded dog from cliff in Ecola State Park Colin Murphey, Brenna Visser This story is a prime example of reporting on deadline. Yes, it would have been better with more quotes, but it was obvious the reporter was working on deadline. Given that, this was done quite well given the circumstances, including the time of year. Good job.
B The Daily Herald 1st Debby Lowman Award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs Street Smarts columns Melissa Slager A very useful column for consumers. Appears well researched and provides helpful guides and contact information. Responds to consumer questions with a thorough attention to detail. Overall, a very creative consumer service column in an area with serious traffic issues.
B Skagit Valley Herald 2nd Debby Lowman Award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs China recycling policy impacting Skagit County Kimberly Cauvel Excellent explanation of the problem; good variety of sourcing, very useful information and clear explanations. Helpful advice to consumers who want to know what they should do. Good chart.
B The Daily Herald 3rd Debby Lowman Award for Distinguished Reporting of Consumer Affairs Sticker shock Noah Haglund Good information about a problem that likely falls under the radar of most consumers. Well researched.
B Bozeman Daily Chronicle 1st Distinguished Coverage of Diversity Accepting Sam Nick Ehli Superb storytelling! The reporter's homework in getting the family of Sam Edelman and others who knew the college student paid off in a touching story that laid out the young man's internal battle with his identity. This story was as much about Sam's family and their unwavering support of him. This is probably something that parents of transgender children go through.
B The Columbian 2nd Distinguished Coverage of Diversity Five years after legalized gay marriage, couple reflect on living their dream; Same-sex couple appreciate The benefits of marriage; Same-sex parents navigate ups and downs of Making a family; Gay mom's book fields questions; Dressed in confidence Scott Hewitt, Patty Hastings Solid reporting, Three couples. Three marvelous stories. What makes these stories work is that the trials and tribulations of these gay couples are similar to that of society: Being good parents, getting acknowledged by hospital staff in an emergency, memories of a first meeting, etc. The accompanying info graphics provided the necessary information without being jammed into the story.
B The Daily Herald 3rd Distinguished Coverage of Diversity Coverage of Everett's Casino Road neighborhood Rikki King It's refreshing to see attention given to an area that is often overlooked, and realize that the reality of Casino Road residents is much like that of other neighborhoods: High-achieving students, committed community leaders, and failure of local government to assure fire alarm codes are adhered to. Let's hope the reporting of this area continues.
B Bozeman Daily Chronicle 1st Enterprise Reporting Accepting Sam Nick Ehli “Accepting Sam” is the gripping story of a family’s anguish following the revelation that a son has been struggling for years to come to terms with his own transgender issues. Dripping with detail and rich in nuance, it clearly and sensitively sets forth an important aspect of the debate over an upcoming referendum on proposed legislation concerning the use of public restrooms by members of the LGBT community without taking sides. Exceptional reporting and writing.
B Yakima Herald-Republic 2nd Enterprise Reporting Deadly miscommunication: Undiscovered warrant let murder suspect out of jail before fatal shooting Phil Ferolito A significant piece of reporting showing how errors by authorities led to the release from custody of a man who had a serious criminal record and was wanted on felony warrants in another jurisdiction. Later that man was involved in a murder with a gun that his record should have prevented from processing.
B Yakima Herald-Republic 3rd Enterprise Reporting Still silenced: Sexual harassment of farm workers rarely makes headlines Molly Rosbach This is an important piece of journalism that sheds light locally on abuses experienced by farm workers and and explains the barriers they face in deciding whether to seek relief from authorities.
B The Columbian 1st Feature Writing Country grapples with teen suicides: The ones they left behind Katie Gillespie The story is moving, certainly. The writer puts you with the family, the friends and the subject. But it also provides insight and information. You come away with a greater, fuller sense of the issue.
B The Columbian 2nd Feature Writing Cave explorers of Mount St. Helens Dameon Pesanti
B The Chronicle 3rd Feature Writing ‘I’m Addicted to This Mountain:' Mount Rainier National Park Volunteer Still Going Strong at 81 Alex Brown
B The Chronicle 1st Investigative Reporting Sexual Abuse, Fraud and Negligence Alleged at Closed Centralia Home for Boys Natalie Johnson
B Yakima Herald-Republic 2nd Investigative Reporting The Rain Shadow Report Kaitlin Bain
B Yakima Herald-Republic 3rd Investigative Reporting Deadly miscommunication: Undiscovered warrant let murder suspect out of jail before fatal shooting Phil Ferolito