The Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association (PNNA) is pleased to announce another year of journalism contests: The C.B. Blethen Awards and The Dolly Connelly Award for Environmental Reporting.

The C.B. Blethen Memorial Award and Debby Lowman Contest is an opportunity for publishers, editors, reporters and writers to promote excellence in journalism and recognize the diligent work that cannot be equaled by any other media.

The Dolly Connelly Award specifically focuses on recognizing initiative, thoroughness and lucid writing about environmental issues and controversies in the Pacific Northwest.

Entry materials were mailed to member newspapers on June 6. Entry materials are also available for download.

Entries submitted for the C.B. Blethen Memorial Awards that meet the Dolly Connelly Award criteria will be submitted automatically in the Dolly Connelly contest as well.

The deadline for uploading contest entries to the PNNA Contest Site is Friday, July 11, 2014.

Good Luck!